Whitepalace Hotel Room Furniture

In order to create luxurious living spaces in hotel rooms, we create eye-catching and comfortable hotel rooms in line with the projects and architectural plans of the businesses. Beyazsaray hotel room decoration has a design that allows more people to stay in the same place. With the bed models descending from the wall, four people can easily stay in the hotel room, which can be preferred by large families. Beyazsaray luxury hotel furniture, which allows a more functional use of the same space with one parent bed and two single beds hidden inside the partition on the wall, is produced in different sizes and colors according to the space. In the hotel room design of Beyazsaray, mirror and quilted stain resistant fabrics were preferred in the headboard. At the same time, the wall unit in the hotel furniture, suitcases, fiskos coffee table, chair and wardrobe and work tables draw attention with its useful and stylish design.



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